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Researchers publish video of HIV transfer between T-cells

30 March 2009

In what is surely a serious blow to AIDS denialists, researchers have published video microscopy of HIV transferring between T-cells:

Quantitative 3D Video Microscopy of HIV Transfer Across T Cell Virological Synapses

Wolfgang Hübner,1 Gregory P. McNerney,3 Ping Chen,1 Benjamin M. Dale,1 Ronald E. Gordon,2 Frank Y. S. Chuang,3 Xiao-Dong Li,4 David M. Asmuth,4 Thomas Huser,3,4 Benjamin K. Chen1* The spread of HIV between immune cells is greatly enhanced by cell-cell adhesions called virological synapses, although the underlying mechanisms have been unclear. With use of an infectious, fluorescent clone of HIV, we tracked the movement of Gag in live CD4 T cells and captured the direct translocation of HIV across the virological synapse. Quantitative, high-speed three-dimensional (3D) video microscopy revealed the rapid formation of micrometer-sized "buttons" containing oligomerized viral Gag protein. Electron microscopy showed that these buttons were packed with budding viral crescents. Viral transfer events were observed to form virus-laden internal compartments within target cells. Continuous time-lapse monitoring showed preferential infection through synapses. Thus, HIV dissemination may be enhanced by virological synapse-mediated cell adhesion coupled to viral endocytosis.

Science 27 March 2009:
Vol. 323. no. 5922, pp. 1743 - 1747
DOI: 10.1126/science.1167525


House of Numbers

An AIDS denialist film "House of Numbers" is doing the rounds at film festivals and is being promoted to college campuses and similar venues. AT has published several items about the misinformation contained in the film. For comprehensive information on the lies and distortions in the film, visit Inside House of Numbers.


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