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Statement by Joseph Sonnabend, M.D.

Some individuals who believe that HIV plays no role at all in AIDS have implied that I support their misguided views on AIDS causation by including inappropriate references to me in their literature and on their web sites. Before HIV was discovered and its association with AIDS established, I held the entirely appropriate view that the cause of AIDS was then unknown. I have successfully treated hundreds of AIDS patients with antiretroviral medications, and have no doubt that HIV plays a necessary role in this disease, a view that I have expressed publicly on several occasions. It is my view that the relationship of HIV to AIDS is of the same nature as that of almost all viruses to the diseases with which they are associated. It is thus similar to the relationship of the Hepatitis A, B and C viruses to clinical hepatitis, or poliovirus to poliomyelitis or the influenza viruses to influenza. In the same way HIV disease, including AIDS, is related to HIV as necessary for disease causation.

– Joseph Sonnabend, M.D.

And see this interview with Joseph Sonnabend, "Treating HIV is Rarely an Emergency."