The scientific evidence for HIV/AIDS

The Science of HIV and AIDS: Scientific Studies

Several thousand scientific papers have been published on HIV and AIDS. A search in Pubmed for 'HIV' in May 2007 retrieved 210,201 references. A search for 'AIDS' found 138,878 references. While Pubmed is public and anyone can access it, the overwhelming amount of information in so many papers is a daunting task to read and understand. In addition, many of the scientific journals require a subscription to access full articles. And so, we present here some of the most important scientific papers pertaining to HIV and AIDS from peer-reviewed journals.

The Discovery of HIV and its relationship to AIDS

Natural History Studies

AIDS denialists often falsely claim that there are no studies showing that untreated people with HIV face a vastly elevated risk of immunodeficiency, opportunistic infections and death. These are just a few recent examples of the natural history studies in PubMed that compare outcomes among untreated people with HIV infection to those among their uninfected counterparts.

HIV and the Immune System

Recreational Drug Use

HIV Transmission Studies

Drug Therapy and Related Studies