Widespread AIDS quackery in South Africa exposed

The South African Health-e news agency has exposed widespread preying on people with HIV by quacks who peddle fake AIDS cures. Their TV documentary “Quack Alert” was broadcast on popular current affairs programme "3rd Degree" on 25 November. The script of the documentary can be read here. Their article "Quacks do good business in SA" describes how fake doctors openly advertise AIDS cures and swindle desperate (and mostly poor) patients out of large amounts of money. Some even promise to solve financial and relationship problems or improve sexual performance. They also expose how the provincial Minister of Health in South Africa's worst-affected province supports quacks and wants the fake AIDS cure "Ubhejane" distributed in a state-funded hospice. AIDSTruth contributor Nathan Geffen writes about the humorous side of quackery in a piece titled "Why Ozone Rectal Therapy is not the next cure for AIDS".