Science Magazine Special News Report: Reviewing the Data

A 3-month investigation by the scientific journal Science evaluated claims made by UC-Berkeley virologist Peter Duesberg and his supporters, who continue to argue that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.

The four-part evaluation is preceded by an introductory piece entitled The Duesberg Phenomenon which also provides the conclusions of the Science evaluation:

  • In hemophiliacs (the group Duesberg acknowledges provides the best test case for the HIV hypothesis) there is abundant evidence that HIV causes disease and death.
  • According to some AIDS researchers, HIV now fulfills the classic postulates of disease causation established by Robert Koch.
  • The AIDS epidemic in Thailand, which Duesberg has cited as confirmation of his theories, seems instead to confirm the role of HIV.
  • AZT and illicit drugs, which Duesberg argues can cause AIDS, don't cause the immune deficiency characteristic of that disease.

Reviewing The Data (Parts I - IV):

  1. Duesberg and Critics Agree: Hemophilia Is the Best Test
  2. Fulfilling Koch's Postulates
  3. The Epidemic in Thailand
  4. Could Drugs, Rather Than a Virus, Be the Cause of AIDS?