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In The News

This page contains stories in the news pertaining to AIDS denialism and denialists, scientific news, government agency reports, press releases, announcements and other items of interest pertaining to HIV and AIDS. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and most articles are from March 2006 (when this website began) and later.

2008 Apr 27 Gary Null a denialist and crank - The Denialism blog outs "alternative medicine" guru Gary Null (whose infomercials are broadcast on PBS) as an AIDS denialist.
2008 Apr 11 Treatment Action Campaign's complaint against AIDS quack upheld - The Advertising Standards Authority in South Africa has upheld a complaint laid by the TAC against Zeblon Gwala for advertising his fake AIDS cure 'Ubhejane'. Update: The National Press Foundation's NPF Helpdesk resource for journalists has picked up the story. The video below exposes Gwala's quackery:
2008 Mar 20 The AIDS Conspiracy Handbook (Jeremiah Wright's paranoia in context) -
2008 Mar 10 Repeatedly HIV-negative patients with very advanced HIV disease: only 16 cases ever reported - Aidsmap.
2008 Mar 05 Two studies in the latest issue of The Lancet report on mortality in Ugandan patients receiving anti-retroviral treatment and on reduced mortality in Ugandans receiving home-based HIV treatment.
2008 Mar 03 JPANDS and HIV denialsim - WhiteCoat Underground blog
2008 Feb 29 Human Rights Watch calls on United Nations to take action against unproven HIV/AIDS treatments - Also see the article Dangerous medicines: Unproven AIDS cures and counterfeit antiretroviral drugs in Globalization and Health.
2008 Feb 22 Sizwe's Test by Jonny Steinberg reviewed in the New York Times
2008 Feb 12 Nurse contracted HIV from patient through needle prick
2008 Feb 06 Defined by denialism
2007 Nov 14 AIDS Denialism vs. Science
2007 Nov 9 Hard To Say I'm Sorry - After three long years, the BBC apologizes for airing denialist propaganda
2007 Nov 6 Six years on: Mbeki, the Aids dissident
2007 Oct 28 Bright Scientists, Dim Notions
2007 Oct 23 'Serious concern' at BBC over flawed HIV film
2007 Oct 09 Fleiss (the father) is placed on probation
2007 Sep 14 The fanaticism of denial that must be exposed
2007 Sep 02 Is Mandela's heir one of the world's worst presidents?
2007 Sep 01 South African AIDS activists dismayed over President's praise of health minister
2007 Aug 30 Libya should stop denying scientific evidence on HIV
2007 Aug 24 Manto fails to make the grade
2007 Aug 24 Man loses appeal on HIV charges
2007 Aug 22 Study refutes S.African health minister's ridiculed claims that garlic, lemons are AIDS remedy
2007 Aug 21 Nutrition no substitute for HIV/AIDS and TB drugs
2007 Aug 21 South African study backs drugs over food against HIV
2007 Aug 21 Spin, facts and untruths in this new season of denialism
2007 Aug 17 HIV Denial in the Internet Era
2007 Aug 17 Baby mortality bombshell
2007 Aug 17 HIV Denialists Spread Misinformation Online - Consequences Could Be Deadly
2007 Aug 16 Minister has reversed HIV gains � TAC
2007 Aug 15 Former Envoy Blasts S. Africa AIDS Policy
2007 Aug 15 Activists pressure government to show commitment to anti-AIDS campaign
2007 Aug 14 The unjustifiable firing of Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge
2007 Aug 14 Mbeki vulnerable after sacking Nozizwe
2007 Aug 14 Firing an AIDS Fighter
2007 Aug 13 Whose Legacy?
2007 Aug 13 Call for Manto's head
2007 Aug 13 South Africa is still denying AIDS
2007 Aug 13 Mbeki says minister was sacked for insubordination
2007 Aug 11 Madlala-Routledge Press Briefing in Cape Town

2007 Aug 12 Break the code of obeisance
2007 Aug 11 Presidency breaks silence on Nozizwe
2007 Aug 10 [Podcast] Gaye Davis With Former Deputy Health Minister
2007 Aug 10 South African HIV trial gets long-awaited go ahead
2007 Aug 10 Mbeki under fire for sacking AIDS fight deputy health chief
2007 Aug 10 Aids activists furious at sacking by Mbeki
2007 Aug 10 Sacked S Africa minister hits out
2007 Aug 10 Sacking of Cabinet's HIVfighter 'an insult'
2007 Aug 10 Mbeki a 'scandalous failure' - UK newspaper
2007 Aug 10 The President talks about the World Cup, but not about HIV
2007 Aug 10 Leading article: Death and denial
2007 Aug 10 How the country's leader was converted by the deniers
2007 Aug 10 Mbeki fires aide who reshaped HIV policy
2007 Aug 10 A President in denial, a ravaged nation denied hope
2007 Aug 9 S Africa Aids sacking condemned
2007 Aug 9 AIDS and Human Rights Organizations Condemn the Firing of South African Deputy Health Minister
2007 Aug 9 A dreadful error: Axing of Manto's deputy on eve of Women's Day seen as big blow to Aids fight
2007 Aug 8 Madlala-Routledge's dismissal slammed
2007 Aug 8 TAC slams minister over cost of ARVs
2007 Aug 5 Deadly consequences of ignorance
2007 Jul 29 South Africa: Pretoria Dithers While Babies Are Infected
2007 Jul 24 Now in fiction: the president on Aids
2007 Jul 12 Here is the evidence of Mbeki�s denialism
2007 Jul 9 SOUTH AFRICA: Business booming for untested AIDS remedies
2007 Jul 9 SOUTH AFRICA: Quackery hinders AIDS treatment efforts
2007 Jul 5 Newspaper Journalist Fired Over Article On President Jammeh's HIV/Aids Cure
2007 Jul 4 AIDS and the dangers of denial
2007 Jun 15 Web Site Takes Aim at 'Denialists
2007 Jun 1 'Aids cure� in Zambia found to be pesticide
2007 May 29 Indian HIV patients unite to battle fake Aids cures
2007 May 23 South Africa health minister backs wider HIV treatment
2007 May 22 Gambian leader playing with fire on pandemic
2007 May 15 Winstone Zulu regrets flirting with HIV/AIDS denialism
2007 May 5 Shadow of doubters
2007 May 3 South Africa's AIDS plan – A strategic plan has been developed to tackle the nation's HIV crisis at last.
2007 Apr 30 HIVMA opposes The Gambia's unproven AIDS remedy
2007 Apr 27 HIV claims thrown out by judge
2007 Apr 24 Statement on the Gambian government�s unproven claim of a cure for AIDS
2007 Mar 24 Gambian president's "cure" (based on medicinal plants and a Koranic verse) infuriates campaigners
2007 Mar 21 Press Release - AIDS 2008 Conference in Mexico City
2007 Mar 16 UNAIDS and WHO underline importance of evidence based approaches to treatment in response to AIDS
2007 Mar 12 How Minister Throws a Spanner Into the Works of Her Personnel
2007 Mar 12 A response to Rian Malan's "last ever Aids piece" in Noseweek
2007 Mar 8 THE QUACK IN GAMBIA: African Despot 'Cures' AIDS
2007 Mar 7 Human Rights and AIDS Organisations Condemn Rise of HIV Denialism and Quack Cures in Zambia
2007 Mar 2 WHO dampens Gambian president's HIV/AIDS claim
2007 Feb 28 Mortality in Randomized Trials of Antioxidant Supplements for Primary and Secondary Prevention
2007 Feb 27 Gut Warfare (Nature Medicine)
2007 Feb 27 Mute Child Sparks Mom to Swap South African Cures for AIDS Drug
2007 Feb 13 HIV sceptics' claims out of date, court told
2007 Feb 13 HIV sceptics beyond stupid, says top scientist
2007 Feb 12 HIV discoverer blasts doubters in SA court
2007 Feb 12 Hogwash claim in HIV appeal
2007 Feb 6 HIV deniers 'like UFO supporters', court hears
2007 Feb 5 HIV deniers 'a joke'
2007 Feb 3 Medic cans colleagues' HIV views
2007 Feb 2 President's 'HIV cure' condemned
2007 Feb 2 Death nears for Manto fan
2007 Feb 2 Expert attacks HIV sceptics
2007 Feb 1 HIV experts line up to refute denier
2007 Jan 28 Vitamin pills have limited benefits � study
2007 Jan 17 Complaint Filed Against BBC for "GUINEA PIG KIDS" and "NEW YORK'S AIDS EXPERIMENTS"
2007 Jan 16 Climate change is not hot air
2006 Dec 11 African minister ends decade of denial on Aids
2006 Dec 10 Aids confusion catches up to Manto and Mbeki
2006 Nov 16 South Africans hope for a new era in HIV/AIDS policies
2006 Nov 13 UNAIDS welcomes moves by South Africa for a unified response to AIDS
2006 Nov 10 Manto's deputy will be her voice on Aids
2006 Nov 8 S. Africa said to change stance on AIDS
2006 Nov 8 AIDS triumph for truly patriotic journalism in SA
2006 Nov 3 Under Fire, South Africa Shakes Up Its Strategy Against AIDS
2006 Nov 2 State plaudits for AIDS activist Achmat
2006 Oct 30 At last, a glimmer of hope
2006 Oct 25 Statement by the University of Cape Town and G. J. Kotwal
2006 Sep 27 Nick Bennett on the Recent JAMA Study Regarding Viral Load & CD4 T cell Decline
2006 Sep 19 How the health minister hurts SA
2006 Sep 8 AIDS Cited in the Climb in South Africa�s Death Rate
2006 Sep 7 Science vs superstition
2006 Sep 6 Scientists Rip S. African AIDS Policies
2006 Aug 30 For People With AIDS, a Government With Two Faces
2006 Aug 29 SAMA calls for end to misrepresentation on treatment of AIDS
2006 Aug 21 HIV patients get sicker on herbal 'cures'
2006 Aug 21 AIDS indaba lashes SA�s �lunatic fringe�
2006 Aug 20 Time to sack Health Minister
2006 Aug 18 Activist blasts S. African 'denial'
2006 Aug 18 South African Health Chief's Ouster Eyed
2006 Aug 18 Editorial: The Thabo Mbeki legacy
2006 Aug 18 Aids campaigner calls on world leaders to speak out against Mbeki
2006 Aug 18 How SA govt could have saved 75 000 lives
2006 Aug 18 Manto set for 'R1m customised Merc'
2006 Aug 17 Manto should resign, Aids conference hears
2006 Aug 17 UNAids criticises health minister's message
2006 Aug 14 Manto's Aids exhibit 'despicable'
2006 Aug 13 HIV Science and Responsible Journalism (Webcast) - XVI International AIDS Conference
2006 Aug 7 Mother convicted of hiding HIV status for son's birth
2006 Aug 6 The Sound and Fury of HIV
2006 Jul 27 South Africa: Rath On Trial in Germany
2006 Jul 17 South Africa: Reporters Get African Award for Excellence in HIV/Aids Journalism
2006 Jun 17 AIDS Denialism Gathers Strange Bedfellows
2008 Jun 8 Nozipho Bhengu, victim of AIDS and quackery, died on May 19th, aged 32
2006 Jun 4 Deadly Quackery
2006 Jun 2 AIDS Drugs Have Saved 3 Million Years of Life in the United States
2006 June Drugs, Disease, Denial
2006 May 17 NIH State-of-the-Science Panel Urges More Informed Approach to Multivitamin/Mineral Use for Chronic Disease Prevention
2006 Apr Nature Medicine Editorial: Denying Science
2006 Mar 16 Lies, Damned Lies and Dr. Rath
2006 March Harper's Magazine's Out of Control
2006 March Publication of the Coordination Aids of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (Spanish)
2005 December Bulletin on HIV in Argentina (Spanish)
2005 Sep 24 A Mother's Denial, a Daughter's Death
2005 Jun 14 The Silvah Case
2005 Apr 7 HIVNET012: New Review Validates Findings
2000 Aug 19  The HIV Disbelievers
2000 Jan 26 Bad Science: They once thought HIV was harmless. Now, they say, AIDS has forced them to reconsider
1999 Dec 3 Holocaust Denial, SF Style: The "AIDS Dissidents" Are as Vocal as Their Science is Dubious