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AIDS Denialism and Legal Issues

Dr. Paul Fleiss

The document posted here describes the Medical Board of California's review of Paul Fleiss, the family physician for Christine Maggiore and Robin Scovill, whose 3-year old daughter Eliza-Jane died of AIDS in 2005. Fleiss was also reviewed by the Medical Board over his actions in the case of a second HIV-infected child who was under his care.

The Medical Board decision in the review of Paul Fleiss resulted in a disciplinary order which revoked the doctor's license, but the revocation was stayed, and he was put on probation for 35 months during which a number of conditions must be met. Among them – Fleiss is no longer allowed to treat patients with HIV/AIDS issues but must refer them to a specialist.

Dr. Philip Incao

The State Board of Medical Examiners in Colorado issued a disciplinary letter of admonition as a result of Dr. Incao's care and treatment of Eliza-Jane Scovill on May 14, 2005, two days before Eliza-Jane's death from AIDS in 2005. The letter noted that Dr. Incao's "care and treatment and lack of timely documentation falls below the generally accepted standards of medical practice for an internist."

The Silvah Case

A young child acquired a needle-stick injury from a discarded syringe he found in an area known to be frequented by IV drug users, who, in turn, are known to be at risk for HIV infection. The mother took the child to a local hospital, where a standard, prophylactic regimen for prevention of HIV transmission was prescribed...The mother later fell under the influence of AIDS denialists and was persuaded to sue the attending physician... Full story and links

R v. Parenzee


1) Welcomes Judge Sulan's verdict in R vs Paranzee, which reiterates that HIV exists, is a heterosexually transmissible virus, and harms those infected with it. The verdict passed in the Supreme Court of South Australia is entirely consistent with scientific facts that have long been accepted as true by the international research community.

2) Applauds Judge Sulan's condemnation of biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and emergency physician Valendar Turner (who refer to themselves as "the Perth Group"), in respect of their evidence and their very credibility as "expert witnesses" on the subject of HIV/AIDS. The AIDS Truth team calls for the dismissal of Turner and Papadopulos-Eleopulos from their positions at the Royal Perth Hospital for bringing the reputation of the institution, and Australian science, into disrepute.*

3) Calls upon the legal system worldwide to accept this precedent in other current, pending or future cases in which the existence, transmissibility or lethality of HIV is called into question by AIDS denialists. Further trials of these scientifically and legally settled issues would waste the time of scientists and the judiciary. The international legal system should coordinate its responses to such cases, particularly when the "Rethinking AIDS" group attempts to abuse the legal system to promote its pseudoscientific ideas on HIV/AIDS.

4) Thanks all the scientists, Australian and others, in particular Dr. Peter McDonald, and all the lawyers, who worked to ensure that the scientific literature on HIV infection and AIDS was accurately represented during this hearing.

Thanks also go to Nancy Padian, Michael Lederman and Benigno Rodriquez for taking the time to address the grotesque misrepresentations of their research that have been promulgated by AIDS denialists. Their articles on AIDSTruth were clearly instrumental in exposing the deceptions involved in the arguments of Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Turner.

* It should be stressed that Judge Sulan's comments about the expertise of the "Perth Group" can be applied to all proponents of AIDS denial. Even Peter Duesberg, who once worked with murine retroviruses, has no expertise in immunology or epidemiology yet bases his AIDS denial on spurious critiques of both fields.